Industry Solutions

Rapid on-site screening is vital for businesses to operate safely. Highly accurate RT-LAMP testing is a proven solution used by aviation, theatre, cinema and TV industries. Our service allows to maintain safety at education, travel & leisure and events settings.


Safety Control for Leisure & Travel and Events Sectors

We offer a cost-effective RT-LAMP testing solution to hotels, resorts and event venues that allows to take control over testing at your premises and make sure your personnel and clients are safe on a daily basis.

30 Min

Testing Cycle

Fast Results

Within 1 hour

Highly Accurate

Specificity 100%, Sensitivity 97%


Testing available at any location

LAMP / Antigen

Safety Control for Education Sector

We offer a cost-effective solution to schools and school residences that allows to take control over testing at educational facilities. As well as RT-LAMP tests, our offer for education sector involves a high performing point-of care rapid antigen testing.

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