For Individuals

We offer RT-PCR tests and provide Fit-to-Fly certificates for individuals with negative results. Visit our hub in Central London or book a Home Visit by our nurse to get tested and receive the results on the same day or within 24 hours. Book an antibody test to find out if you have developed immunity to Covid-19.


Check if you currenty have the virus

PCR is considered by World Health Organisation the ‘Gold Standard’ testing technology for detecting Covid-19. A PCR test works by taking a throat and nasal swab. It shows if you currently have the virus. PCR tests are highly accurate — 100% specificity, 98% sensitivity.

PCR tests are accepted worldwide for travel purposes if your results are negative. A Fit-to-Fly certificate is included in our service.

Not sure when to get a test ahead of your trip? Check out the chart to find out the right time for your booking.


Find out if you had the virus in the past

Antibody tests work by taking a blood sample. An antibody test cannot test if you currently have the virus. It shows if you have had the virus before and developed an immune response to the virus.

Antibody tests are accepted for travel purposes in some countries. A Fit-to-Fly certificate is included in our service.