Covid-19 Tests

Testing for Covid-19 is vital for continuing daily life, restarting travel and economy safely. We offer a range of proven testing solutions for individual and corporate clients. Find out more about the types of tests and technologies available with ISAC Labs.


Check if you currenty have the virus

PCR is considered by World Health Organisation the ‘Gold Standard’ testing technology for detecting Covid-19. A PCR test works by taking a throat and nasal swab. It shows if you currently have the virus. PCR tests are highly accurate — 100% specificity, 98% sensitivity.

PCR tests are accepted worldwide for travel purposes if your results are negative. A Fit-to-Fly certificate is included in our service.

The PCR test results are available within 6 to 24 hours after taking the test, depending on the service. At ISAC Labs, we offer various services with prices ranging from £185 to £350. It is possible to get tested in our lab or organise a home visit.


Find out if you had the virus in the past

Antibody tests work by taking a blood sample. An antibody test cannot test if you currently have the virus. It shows if you have had the virus before and developed an immune response to the virus.

Antibody tests are accepted for travel purposes in some countries. A Fit-to-Fly certificate is included in our service.


Rapid testing to maintain safety at workplace

RT-LAMP is fast (30 min cycle) and highly accurate (specificity 100%, sensitivity 97%) testing technology. It is approved by World Health Organisation and considered the only ‘gold standard’ technology, alongside RT-PCR.

RT-LAMP tests can be processed in any location, laboratory environment is not required. The testing cycle is 30 min, results are available within 35 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the testing site.

We currently offer this type of tests for our business and corporate clients only.


Point-of-Care Administered Rapid Screening

POC Antigen tests can provide qualitative detection of specific antigens of SARS CoV-2 within 15-30 minutes.

This high performing POC test allows healthcare professionals to triage symptomatic patients, screen asymptomatic individuals and also supplement lab testing within conventional laboratory settings or in decentralised locations (i.e. point of care environments).

The kit comes with all the necessary consumables required to complete a test and has clinical performance data showing a specificity of 99.68% and a sensitivity of 96.52%.

We currently offer this type of tests for our business and corporate clients only.

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