ISAC Labs is a private testing centre providing a wide range of blood tests at affordable prices in Central London.

We work with our professional laboratory in London to offer over 800 blood tests diagnosing a wide range of conditions. The medical personnel at our clinic are highly professional individuals with years of experience in their field. They carry the relevant laboratory licences and undertake training on a regular basis.

Blood test profiles include:

  • Diagnosing conditions such as allergy, anaemia, autoimmune conditions, cancer, depression, diabetes, endocrinology, fertility, hormonal issues.
  • Examining the general health of men, women and children, heart conditions, thyroid health, level of vitamins and minerals.
  • Screening, STIs.
  • Virology

Over 800 blood tests based on your health concern

Our comprehensive blood test profiles and wide selection of tests gives an accurate information on your health condition.


Home Visit

from £220

Walk in centre

from £36

Weekend visit

from £310

What do we test for


From allergies to hormones issues we test for a wide variety of conditions.